ePatient Health Literacies

Its been a long time since I’ve written here, and I have no excuse other than depression. Depression makes you miss a lot of things, disengaging with the world with a brain full of fog.

I’m breaking my extended silence because of an exciting opportunity. An opportunity that deserves more attention and support than I have been giving it; something which I hope writing this is a small step in the positive direction of rectifying.

There is a group of volunteers that host conversations related to ePatients–engaged, empowered (and a few more “e”s I can’t recall right now) patients. I’ve mentioned them briefly before. These conversations are driven by the chronically and critically ill, about topics that are important to them.

Our next conversation is about health literacy: the knowledge base, practices, and understandings about health. But this is not a conversation being dictated to us by healthcare professionals or healthy people; no, this is a conversation about the knowledge and practices we as patients need, from our experiences and points of view.

And this is a conversation you can join.

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