Met with Dr. B again today. I called in to the set up the appointment on Wednesday when I was having obscene pain- and isn’t it just my luck that I set up an appointment and go back to mild-to-moderate for the next two days… Not like I’m going to complain about not having incredibly severe pain for a while, but it always does seem to go that way: I’m never as bad as I am on a usual day when I visit the doctor, so they never see the worst of it and I’m not sure they take me quite as seriously.

This time I brought my handy Catch My Pain chart. I didn’t have internet access at the office, so she didn’t get to see the stress or fatigue levels- but she got the gist enough that she took me a bit more seriously (and saw that I am mostly NOT unhappy depressed, but neutral in emotions, so didn’t press that one again).

I left with her thinking it’s IBS, and a script for some anticholergic pills to try for the next week. If they don’t work she’ll refer me to a gastroenterologist. The frustrating thing is, I am almost positive all of this pain is endometriosis related, but my GYN doesn’t want to handle the abdominal pain-because that isn’t her field- and my primary care physician is going to keep guessing these non-endo causes. I mean, I’m happy she is trying, but really I’d rather just do the surgery this summer and confirm it is endo, and take care of that appropriately. I’m sure all my endo-family out there knows that feeling all too well.