Catch My Pain

I’ve used a few pain tracking tools on and off throughout the years, and by far my favorite is Catch My Pain ( It is browser based AND supported on Android and Apple OS. The two products synch together so you can update anytime, and your pain chart on the browser reflects all your entries.

It has the best diagram for marking pain that I’ve used yet- you can draw it on with your finger or cursor. There is a sliding pain scale, list of pain descriptions to choose from, a happiness scale (and stress and fatigue if you upgrade to the pro version). Plus an area for comments.
All of the pain entries come together to make a pain chart that shows area of pain, severity of pain (in % of area, and overall), happiness, and stress and fatigue (with the pro-version). There is a medication option on the phone app, and a diagnosis option in the browser, but I haven’t had much success getting those to work… that said, the developers are great to talk to and are working on fixing the problem.

If you are looking for a pain tracking tool, check out Catch my Pain.

Baby blues.

Does anyone else on continuous birth control pills (take 3 months at a time, or more) get horribly maternal desires? I want to hold a newborn to my chest so bad it hurts, and I spend a lot of time looking at baby information or pictures of babies on Pintrest.

All this progesterone tricking my body into thinking it’s pregnant is helping the bleeding and some of the physical pain (I’ve even had some pain-free hours on and off!), but these desires for a baby are really tough. I’m glad my brain can at least realize that now is not the time for that, and I don’t want all the rest of the things that come with having children right now… but it’s getting harder and harder for that voice of reason to break through…

Its been a week!

Its been a week since my period ended, and I haven’t spotted yet! After three months of constant spotting, it’s amazing. I had two fatigue free days this week- and I’m pretty sure that’s because I haven’t been spotting. However, I’m still expecting it to happen at any moment. This morning I woke up with a crampy feeling and expected to start spotting today- but so far no sign of it. I did however, have some more lava-intestines today- clearly the omeprazole isn’t stopping that; and I’ve had the “ovarian cyst-not ovarian cyst” pain everyday…

I wish doctors would just run a bunch of tests instead of prescribing medicines to wait and see if it helps. I’ve been waiting long enough, I want some answers.