And I breathe

I want to resist. To fight.

The world around me seems to be erupting in flames. Burning. Burning with hatred and fear. Burning with passion and resilience. Burning.

Every day I watch the fire touch every aspect of my life, of humanity. And deep within me I feel the fire catch. A passion for humanity; a visceral need for humanity. And I don’t know how to channel it.

By appearances I am not the one being targeted. But I am. If only because at the very least, if one of us is is targeted, we all are.

And I feel so helpless. So small. So insignificant. In facing the wall of flames, what am I?

FIRE DEMON It breaks my heart that it has taken such a raging, burning fire before we started one of our own to control the burn. That I don’t know how to fight back. That I am not stronger, smarter, more powerful in this world. But I take the words of advice I was given: “write” and I run with them. Because what else am I to do? I might not know what to say, but I must say it. And I must remind myself: from fire comes growth. And with growth there is hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope for unity. Hope for humanity. Loop

And I breathe.

One breath at a time as I move forward.

Originally posted on my academic blog, Life is Learning.

One thought on “And I breathe

  1. You are NOT helpless! From outside the US it’s clear trump is already running out of supporters within the country and for sure in the world at large. Internationally, there’s no work-around for his nonsense beyond refusal to cooperate in any of his nasty schemes.

    This is something that you can work with:
    Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen.


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