No cyst, scheduling, and school starting.

Last week I got the call from my GYN’s nurse “Dr. H has looked over your ultrasound and there is no cyst. If you’re still having pain you can come in on Thursday.”

Well yes, I was (and am) still having fairly prominent pain, so I agreed to the visit. On Thursday I arrived promptly at 10:30 after rearranging my work schedule and the fiance’s work schedule to accommodate for the visit; when I got there I was met with a very confused receptionist and “Dr. H is at our other location… You’re not on the schedule.”

So I explained how the appointment was set up and she goes looking through the records , only to find a copy of my ultrasound results with a note scribbled on the bottom that I have an appointment for Thursday, but Thursday is crossed out and Wednesday is written above it. Which is, of course, news to me. So the receptionist where I am calls up the receptionist at the other location to get a hold of the nurse. Turns out the nurse realized they would be at the other location and had the second location receptionist call me and leave a message- but my phone updated the OS while she called so I never got it. Okay, so a new appointment is squeezed in for Friday (the next day) at 3:45. Thank goodness we are graduate students and work such flexible additional jobs and can rearrange our schedules quickly and easily.

So Friday¬† I go to the work in the morning and feel like crap. Absolutely no energy, have to focus on breathing, can’t think, etc. At 3:20, A (fiance) picks me up and drops me off at the clinic; then around 4:15 my appointment gets started. My BP was 100/50 so that explains at least partially the difficulty breathing. We go through the exam and find nothing, then have a nice chat about my symptoms and how the fatigue, especially, is really interfering with my ability to function- especially as a graduate student. Dr. H orders some blood work and switches my pills up to 3o mg Seasonale (since I was spotty everyday for the three months on BeYaz, and still in pain).

Today I got my blood work results. I’m not anemic, my thyroid hormones look normal, and I have a low white count but everything else looks normal. Follow up blood work in 6 weeks to check on the white cells. Since the blood work didn’t find anything she is referring me to a Doctorate of Osteopathy Family Doctor; she’s having my records and a letter regarding my situation faxed over today so hopefully I will hear from them soon and can schedule an appointment.

I have the 5 hour written portion of my Qualifying Exam coming up on February 7th and at this point not only am I unprepared because I have been too exhausted to read and comprehend the papers, but I am not confident that I will have the energy to sit up for 5 hours let alone think and write for 5 hours. Plus, there has been lots of wedding drama lately thanks to the school football schedule changing. And to top everything off, I started my period right in time for classes to start, and lost 120 mL of blood in the first 48 hours.