Met with Dr. B this morning. I didn’t give her the list of I keep of what’s been going on since my last doctors appointment; she hardly ever addresses my concerns anyway. I even mentioned I had a neurologist appointment in September, and she didn’t ask why or who was sending me there.

She did conclude that I have depression (which, we’d discussed before), and apparently an anxiety disorder (I’m unconvinced).

We were discussing the efficacy of amitriptilyne in treating my migraines. Which it isn’t anymore. And she wanted to change the drug, rather than the dose. She mentioned the other options were blood pressure medication, or topamax- but topamax can make you foggy. I told her that cognitive issues were currently my biggest complaint and I couldn’t handle being foggy anymore than I already am.

She concluded that I am too anxious to concentrate, because I’m already focusing on the next thing to worry about. …I’m not.

I think my level of anxiety is appropriate for what is going on in my life.

But, I do agree that my depression needs to be treated. It has gotten really bad lately. And while I think the depression is a result of my inability to concentrate or think clearly and get done what I need to, I think the depression feeds my cognitive issues. Hopefully treating it will help.

I’m also out of letrozole and norethindrone on Thursday, so we’ll see if coming out of chemical menopause helps my cognition any.

We did opt not to change my amitriptyline until after I see Dr. C, the neurologist. Since I was only ever given the ocular migraine diagnosis by opthomologists who couldn’t see any other retinal problems, I’m looking forward to getting a neurologist’s opinion.

Damn it Medco

My insurance requires that I use an online pharmacy for any continuing prescriptions. When I met with Dr. Y, he had to put an order in through Medco ExpressScripts (my required online pharmacy) for the new pills (the aromatase inhibitor, and progesterone).I’m supposed to take the pills for 6 weeks and then return for an exam. I already schedule this exam- on the day met with Dr. Y, and cannot reschedule because they had to make some special accommodations for the timing- since I am traveling “long-distance.” Usually it takes Medco about a week to process and ship the pills- which isn’t bad. That would have put me at just under 6 weeks on the new pills- which is fine. The pills were supposed to ship today, so I logged into the Medco system to check on them, and apparently now they aren’t shipping until the 12th. What the hell?! That’s going to put me a whole lot closer to 4 weeks on the new pills than I want to be- IF they ship on the 12th AND get here within in 2-3 days.

Is it really that hard to fill a prescription? What I if absolutely needed these pills, now. I love my insurance for most things, but they way they handle prescriptions really sucks. If you are going to take forever to fill and ship script, then let me at least pick up some at a local pharmacy in the mean time!

Just give me my medicine, damn-it.