Follow-up: Cysts and Pills

The ultrasound yesterday was at the GYN instead of the Imaging Center where I usually go- it was much less thorough and only TV instead of both abdominal and TV. While I hate the pain of ultrasounds, I at least appreciate when they are thorough enough to really see what is going on…
One thing I did like was the screen set up directly across from the bench so I could watch what was going on. Makes sense to have a monitor accessible if you are usually doing ultrasounds on pregnant people- of course they want to see. I love watching ultrasounds, and usually request a copy of my ultrasound images following the procedure (I didn’t this time), so it was a nice feature. However, since I do know what I am looking at… I found things to be concerning. My uterus looks normal as always, same endometrium, same cervix, and left ovary always has a few (4-6) follicles… so that was all typical. There was even the typical shooting pain that comes with the position they have to put the probe in to look at my right ovary. But right ovary came up with no big clear cyst like last time. In fact the tech had to put the doppler on to even find the ovary. I couldn’t easily differentiate if there was an endometrioma (i.e., blood filled cyst).

My GYN is actually out of town until Monday, and since it isn’t a big, obvious, follicular cyst I’m sure her nurse (who ordered the ultrasound for me) won’t actually give me any indication of what is going on. If it is an endometrioma, that sucks, but I am okay with knowing that there is indeed a cyst pressing on things and causing this pain. If it isn’t a cyst… why does it hurt like this again? What else could be going on? And if it isn’t a cyst, is my doctor just going to blow off this pain? Will she order more imaging to try to see what is actually going on? Will she try to push Depo again? Will she suggest I look into surgical options, or refer me to a gastrointestinal specialist?

Monday seems so far away.

Cysts and pills

I think my cyst on my right ovary is returning. I have an ultrasound in about two hours to get a look at it, which of course is something I am dreading. I don’t mind abdominal ultrasounds- the pressure isn’t my favorite thing in the world but it isn’t bad; the transvaginal ultrasounds on the other hand are excruciating. Not all of is horrible, but there are certain positions they must place the probe in to visualize everything and some of those positions make me want to cry. I took a hydrocodine to help cope with the current pain and to hopefully mitigate some of the searing pain that comes with the TV.

I don’t know what we’ll do if the cyst has returned. I’m 5 months in on the BeYaz- currently 1/2 way through my last pack of this 3 month rotation (I only did 2 months the first time since I had already been on a month of NorQD). I got the first cyst on the NorQD, but it regressed to the point it no longer felt like appendicitis when I switched over to the BeYaz. I don’t really have many other options to switch to from the BeYaz if there is a cyst again. And I am NOT, NOT, NOT doing the Depo shot.

I hate this. I hate endo.