Well that’s new

Had a really weird experience while sleeping last night.

It was like my whole body “fell asleep” in the same way your leg or arm does when it has been a weird position for too long.

The first time I woke up, I realized I was laying on my back with both my arms wrapped around my chest and my hands tucked under my back- like I was hugging myself. But I didn’t feel like I was doing that. It was bizarre and hard to describe.

As soon as I moved to a new position the same thing happened – I didn’t feel it… like I laid my hand on my stomach and within a few seconds couldn’t tell it was there. Or one of the cats came and slept on my chest, and I knew he was there because he was purring right by my face and I could see him, but I couldn’t feel him laying on me.

I could feel movement when I moved my limbs, but in a far off kind of way, that required a bit of effort to think about.

And I woke up a lot last night, because the poor dog was having anther rain-anxiety attack, even though it was a clear night. So it wasn’t just a one time, in a dreamy haze kind of thing. It was persistent through the night.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?