Just in Time

I am in pain. Like someone has beaten my entire body with a nerf bat.
It isn’t the old, familiar pain of my endo and adeno; no, I am actually quite happy to report that my pelvis only very rarely gets any of that deep burning, stabbing, cramping pain. And I wouldn’t rate this pain at anything over a 4. But it’s gotten pretty constant, and every inch of me is both stiff and tense. I don’t think my amitryptaline is working very much anymore. I’m having trouble sleeping, no longer craving carbs (not that I’ll complain on that one), wading through brain-fog, and getting ocular flashes again; plus the pain. I guess its time to call Dr. B. Too bad it couldn’t hold off until closer to Feb. 10 when I was scheduled for my follow up with her.

And all just in time for the next semester to start. Great.

New GP – Dr. B.

Just a quick post. Saw a new GP today, Dr. B. She’s a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

Got a diagnosis of moderate depression, which she thinks is causing my fatigue (and I think my fatigue is causing)- so prescribed 30 min. of daily exercise (and apparently my walking around my giant campus and walking the dog don’t count), no more caffeine, going to bed and waking up at set times, and no naps.
…I don’t think I can do all that… caffeine and flexible (usually long) hours are the lifeblood of graduate students after all! Plus more moving while in pain…
Any advice?

She’s also got me started on two weeks of omperazole to see if that helps my GI pain. We’ll see, but I’m not confident it will do anything.

No cyst, scheduling, and school starting.

Last week I got the call from my GYN’s nurse “Dr. H has looked over your ultrasound and there is no cyst. If you’re still having pain you can come in on Thursday.”

Well yes, I was (and am) still having fairly prominent pain, so I agreed to the visit. On Thursday I arrived promptly at 10:30 after rearranging my work schedule and the fiance’s work schedule to accommodate for the visit; when I got there I was met with a very confused receptionist and “Dr. H is at our other location… You’re not on the schedule.”

So I explained how the appointment was set up and she goes looking through the records , only to find a copy of my ultrasound results with a note scribbled on the bottom that I have an appointment for Thursday, but Thursday is crossed out and Wednesday is written above it. Which is, of course, news to me. So the receptionist where I am calls up the receptionist at the other location to get a hold of the nurse. Turns out the nurse realized they would be at the other location and had the second location receptionist call me and leave a message- but my phone updated the OS while she called so I never got it. Okay, so a new appointment is squeezed in for Friday (the next day) at 3:45. Thank goodness we are graduate students and work such flexible additional jobs and can rearrange our schedules quickly and easily.

So Friday¬† I go to the work in the morning and feel like crap. Absolutely no energy, have to focus on breathing, can’t think, etc. At 3:20, A (fiance) picks me up and drops me off at the clinic; then around 4:15 my appointment gets started. My BP was 100/50 so that explains at least partially the difficulty breathing. We go through the exam and find nothing, then have a nice chat about my symptoms and how the fatigue, especially, is really interfering with my ability to function- especially as a graduate student. Dr. H orders some blood work and switches my pills up to 3o mg Seasonale (since I was spotty everyday for the three months on BeYaz, and still in pain).

Today I got my blood work results. I’m not anemic, my thyroid hormones look normal, and I have a low white count but everything else looks normal. Follow up blood work in 6 weeks to check on the white cells. Since the blood work didn’t find anything she is referring me to a Doctorate of Osteopathy Family Doctor; she’s having my records and a letter regarding my situation faxed over today so hopefully I will hear from them soon and can schedule an appointment.

I have the 5 hour written portion of my Qualifying Exam coming up on February 7th and at this point not only am I unprepared because I have been too exhausted to read and comprehend the papers, but I am not confident that I will have the energy to sit up for 5 hours let alone think and write for 5 hours. Plus, there has been lots of wedding drama lately thanks to the school football schedule changing. And to top everything off, I started my period right in time for classes to start, and lost 120 mL of blood in the first 48 hours.