Endo Mythbusters – Q&A with Dr. Cook and Libby Hopton

I haven’t done much for endo awareness this month, but I want to make sure I shared this video with all of you. It is very informative, and a great opportunity to hear from Dr. Cook- and endo surgeon and specialist at Vital Health Institute, and Libby Hopton- who runs EndoMetropolis on Facebook and conducts endo treatment research with Vital Health Institute.

I also want to share a blog post written by Libby Hopton in 2013: What I Wish Everyone Knew About Endometriosis.
I have a couple of blog posts I really want to write, one about my current pain, depression, and overall health; and one about intrusive. and frankly frightening, thoughts I’ve experienced when changing my dose of amitriptyline. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have time to work on those and share them with you all- but school is ALWAYS busy and stressful, so I’m making no promises.
Keep fighting to feel better and content with who you are my chronic pain friends.