Low Intestinal Mobility

I can’t remember how much I’ve said about my gastrointestinal problems lately.
I’ve had absolutely no appetite for the past few months, and feel nauseous most of the time. Thankfully I haven’t thrown up, but being queasy all the time sucks.

I’ve been on Reglan for the past week to see if it helps, and thankfully, it does. About 30 minutes after taking a pill I not only can eat, I want to eat! I’ve actually surpassed my expended calories every day this week–which compared to coming in a few hundred short each day has been amazing.

So Monday I go in for a Gastric Emptying Scan. Dr. B2 warned me that even if the scan comes back negative, that doesn’t mean I don’t have low motility and a problem elsewhere, so she started me on Linzess to help increase motility as well.

I’m glad to have a doctor that is so willing to listen to my concerns and work with me to figure out what is going on and how to make my life more manageable.


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