We’ve got nothing.

So the arm EMG/Nerve conduction test came back normal. Actually she was amazed I don’t have an evidence of carpal tunnel, given that I’ve been a student for so long. I do have a tiny bit of nerve slowing in the one nerve that goes around my left elbow, but that’s apparently very common and even if it wasn’t – it still wouldn’t account for my symptoms.

So we have nothing. Dr C rolled away from the EMG machine, and told me frankly “I have nothing to diagnose you with.” She said we could try to manage my symptoms, but she got the impression that I would rather know what was going on and work to treat that rather than just manage symptoms. Which I totally agree.

I still have my neuropsychologist appointment on Friday. Dr. C said unless some new symptoms start, or the appointment reveals I should have some cognitive therapy, then I won’t need to see her anymore.

If the neuropsych appointment doesn’t show anything, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I HAVE been having issues and difficulties. At least I feel they have been difficulties, and I haven’t been getting what I need or even want to get done done.

I can’t imagine all of this is in my mind. And I really don’t think I’m just being lazy or avoiding doing work, But nothing is showing up. What if nothing shows up on this? How do I keep from doubting myself, let alone convince others to keep looking for what is going on?

This is really putting the “invisible” in invisible illness.
And as much as I’m happy to NOT have something horrible show up/ to be able to rule out things with clear tests, it is so terrible not having any indication of what is going on.


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