Spinal Tappppppp

I finally got the orders from Dr. C, for all that testing she wants done. I picked them up on Friday, promptly went over to the student Health Center for my administrative referrals, and then called where I could to schedule the appointments.

The neuropsychologist office is the only appointment I couldn’t make, as Dr. C’s office has to contact his office (Dr. H),  then send him all my file, and wait for his office to contact me to schedule. I expect that one to take some time.But I’ve gotten all the others set up. I’ll see the ophthalmologist, Dr. F, late in October (the 23rd). The MRIs (brain and cervical spine – both with and without contrast) will be on the 13th; I expect to be in the imaging center for a long time that day. And the spinal tap will be on Wednesday. That’s right, September 30th. I really didn’t expect it to be so quick.

On Tuesday, 29th, I have to do a radiology consult, before the actual procedure, and then at have to be at the hospital at 8:00am the next morning.
I’d be freaking out if I had anytime to. But as of right now I have a ton of homework due Monday, an appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist Monday (Dr. E-H; but this appointment may or may not be canceled, as she had a family emergency out of state come up on Friday and her office was unsure if she’d be back in time – if she isn’t then my appointment will be on Friday of the same week.) Class from 1-4pm on Monday, which I may or may not make it to depending on the doctors appointment. The radiology consult on Tuesday. The spinal tap on Wednesday. Maybe a doctors appointment on Friday… and I’m sure a ton of homework I’ll have again for the next week.

Hopefully I won’t get the horrible headache that affects 25% of people after a spinal tap, where you have to lay FLAT on your back for a few days to clear up. It’ll be just my luck that I will though, so I’ve taken off for the week, just in case.

Any last minute tips for preparing for, and recovering from, a spinal tap? This is the one test that has me incredibly nervous and anxious; the thought of a giant needle in my spine is terrifying…


Let me know what you are thinking.

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