My new record.

They took 7 vials of blood this morning.

That makes 7 my new records for number of vials taken for blood work in one draw.
And the phlebotomist who did is the best. I don’t have great veins in my arms; she’s the only one who can get me on first stick AND not cause a huge bruise. I just get a tiny little red prick mark when she does it.

Plus her name is Brittni, so she’s as cool as me, plus a t. šŸ˜‰

I also remembered that I’ve done acupuncture before, and had tiny needles all over my body, including in my eyelid. So the EMG probably won’t be that bad. I imagine the needles are probably about the same size. I’ll just close my eyes, and should be fine. I can’t stand watching the needle go in, because of the anticipation, but once its in I’m fine.
It’ll just be the spinal tap that I’ll remain very nervous about.


Let me know what you are thinking.

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