Dr. C

I’m incredibly exhausted after this long day, but wanted to give y’all some brief updates.

I met Dr. C, the neurologist, this morning. Her office is slow, but she is wonderful. She listened to my health saga, then did a neurology test – testing reflexes, my eyes following her finger, if I could hear her rustling her fingers at different distances from my ears, having me squeeze her hands and push against resistance, asking me some basic recall questions, and walking across the room in various ways- normally, on tip-toe, one heels with toes up, and heel-to-toe like on a tight rope. She also took a peak at my optic nerve.
She wants me to see an opthomologist again, and gave me a few names of doctors she’d prefer I see, so I went by the student health center after my appointment to get a referral. I’ll give Dr. F’s office a call tomorrow.

She also gave me an order for lab work – quite a lot of it, including ANA, metabolic panel, thyroid panel, various vitamin Bs, vitamin D, a lyme test, and a few other tests I had never heard of. The student health center will be doing the blood work tomorrow, since I need to be fasted.

Dr. C is also working on an order for an MRI of my brain and neck, with contrast. A spinal tap. An a consult with a neuropsychologist for cognitive function testing. I’ll have to pick up the orders and take them to the student health center for referrals from them, so that the insurance will cover the highest rate on those tests.

And, I have two appointments for EMG, nerve conduction tests, at Dr. C’s office already scheduled. One day to do my arms, and another day to do my legs.
Plus, she’s having me wean off the amitriptyline, and start the prozac.

I’m both excited and terrified about the tests. Excited, of course because I have a Dr. giving me her full attention and actually ordering tests to try to figure out what is going on; all of you spoonies know how relieving that is. But the spinal tap and EMG have me a bit nervous.

Any one have tips for getting through these pokey-needle tests? Or just dealing with medical anxiety? I’d love to hear them.


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