Holding off on the Prozac… and getting an Endocrinologist

I talked to Dr. B2 today over the university’s health care messaging system. She thought it would be best if I didn’t start the Prozac, and that the neurologist (Dr. C) would be the best person to recommend an anti-depressant given all of my other conditions/symptoms. She also said that because I was on such a low dose of Zoloft, that she doesn’t think I’ll go through withdrawal.

I trust Dr. B2, so I’m going to follow her advice and hold off. The September 14th neuro appointment can’t get here soon enough!

In other news, I had a follow up DEXA scan on Tuesday, and it showed a 0.5% decrease in lumbar spine density since last year and a 1.8% decrease right hip, 1.4 % decrease left hip.ย  All are still in osteopenia range; lumbar spine is 89% age matched group and hips are 80%. Since I have osteopenia so young, Dr. B2 thinks I need to see an endocrinologist. So I’m adding more doctors to my already expansive collection.


Let me know what you are thinking.

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