Unexpected Side Effects

I knew coming off the aromatase-inhibitor and progestin would lead to my uterus waking up. And I anticipated everything that came with that… although, it surprisingly my withdraw bleeding wasn’t that bad. But what I didn’t anticipate or even consider is the horrendous breakout that would come with my body getting used to estrogen again.

I have the worst breakout down my armpits and the sides of my breasts, as well under my cleavage and up my neck. My shoulders and back usually are the areas where I get the worst breakout, and I may get one or two little zits on my forehead, cheeks or nose; but those areas aren’t bad right now. But boy around my armpits, cleavage, and neck are horrendous.

I hope my body adjusts to its new hormonal normal soon and clears this up.


Let me know what you are thinking.

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