Mouth peeling.

I know that’s an unappetizing title. Over the past few week (or months? I’m not great at keeping track of time) I’ve noticed a stringy-white substance peeling off my cheeks and gums. Usually in the morning. Some cursory Googling suggests its skin sloughing off my cheeks and gums. My lips are peeling too, although my lips are always sensitive and have a habit of peeling a lot.

I haven’t changed toothpaste. I use Sensodyne Repair and Protect, because I have terrible enamel and very sensitive teeth. Sensodyne is apparently the gentlest toothpaste. So I don’t think it’s my toothpaste being too harsh.

I have really bad dry mouth, I think, so maybe it’s from that? If so, I’m not sure why it started this summer, rather earlier- I’ve had dry mouth for quite a while now.

I’m going to bring it up to Dr.B2 when the fall semester starts and I can finally start going back to the student health center. But in the mean time, does anyone else experience this?


5 thoughts on “Mouth peeling.

    • Thanks for your reply!
      I don’t think it is Thrush. My mouth doesn’t actually have any white spots/patches, like I would expect with Thrush. Actually, besides a line running down each cheek from sucking them through my teeth lately, my mouth looks normal. It’s just the stuff that I collect with my tongue when it peels off that is white-ish. It actually seems really similar chapped lips or sunburn peel.
      But I’ll certainly keep Candida in mind when I talk to my doctor.

  1. I use that same exact toothpaste and have this issue. I’m thinking of trying another brand or formula to see if it gets better. What did you do to make it stop?

    • Sorry you are having the same problem. I still have mouth peeling, not daily but frequently. I’ve just kind of gotten used to it. I don’t know why it does it, but changing tooth paste didn’t make any difference for me.

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