What now?

I called Dr. S’office today. Apparently the hospital had my bloodwork in their system, but it never transferred over to Dr.S’ office system. The looked up the results and apparently everything looks “really good.” Since the ultrasound came back with absolutely zero indication of anything wrong with my gallbladder, Dr.S recommends that I hold of on the surgery.

So the gallbladder is hanging around for a while.

But that means we still have absolutely no idea of what is causing my problems. According to the nurse I talked to today, Dr. S thinks I should try the low FODMAP diet… which I’m guessing she forgot we already did. And it didn’t make a difference. So I guess Dr. S is out of ideas. I didn’t even get a new appointment. Tests came back negative, and I guess were at her limit. Which is a shitty feeling. I don’t know what to advocate for here…

But, in brighter news, we did get the neurologist referral all worked out. It was incredibly complicated, requiring an administrative referral from my student health center on top of a referral from Dr. S’ office. I’m going to swing by Dr. S office this afternoon and see if they will call a neurologist and do the official “referring” instead of me calling some neurologist’s office and saying Dr. S wants to refer me, and I have an administrative referral from the health center. I’ve had bad luck getting into neurologists before- and by that I mean, I wasn’t able to see one when my chronic migraines started even though I thought I should, wanted to, and had someone refer me (though he was a chiropractor and a family friend, but the insurance covered the MRI he ordered just fine. I don’t know why the neurologist wouldn’t see me). I’m hoping having Dr. S’ office set up the appointment helps things along this time.

And hopefully we’ll get an appointment in before the end of the month. Because on July 31st, I have to get all my referrals renewed or my insurance bumps them all down to the lowest payment tier and will only cover 65%. Which is no good.

…This whole thing is exhausting.


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