Getting frustraited.

I get my test report from the hospital/ hospital network through a patient portal online. Usually it takes about 4 days for the report to show up after the test has been completed.

It’s been 9 days since my bloodwork. Bloodwork that should have only taken a few hours to run- maximum. I could understand the wait if it had to go off to a lab, or took a long assay, but these tests could literally be done at the hospital in a short amount of time.


When I got to the hospital and was registering, the hospital didn’t have it on record that I was there for bloodwork as well as the ultrasound. I showed them my copy of the order I was given at Dr. S’s office, and they used that to finish my registration. But I have an odd feeling that somehow the bloodwork got lost in the system, and the report somehow didn’t get properly connected to my account.
You can bet I’ll be calling Dr.S’s office first thing Monday.

I’ll be very mad if the bruise I’ve been sporting for over a week was for nothing, and half the month has been wasted because the hospital fucked it up.


Let me know what you are thinking.

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