I met with Dr. S on May 22nd. We discussed how the low FODMAP diet results were inconclusive, and she suggested that I stop the diet. She also sent me in for the HIDA gallbladder function test.

Today I got the results back. My gallbladder is ejecting at 24%, where it should be at 37% or higher. The nurse told me I could either come in and talk to Dr. S again, or be referred directly to a general surgeon to have it taken out.

I elected to go back and talk to Dr. S. My appointment is for June 26th.

The HIDA scan did NOT reproduce my bloating or cause any pain, so while my gallbladder may be functioning poorly, it didn’t reproduce or cause any symptoms. …Although I did blow up the next day after a goodbye lunch with a departing co-worker, and throughout the whole weekend after A and I went to celebrate A’s youngest sister’s graduation…and actually on and off the week since then, even after going back to low FODMAP foods in a desperate hope that something would improve. (It hasn’t).

I don’t see the point in taking out my gallbladder if it isn’t what is actually causing my problems. And I’m not certain it is the cause of my problems since the test didn’t reproduce anything, and from what I looked up, it seems that high levels of progesterone can cause gallbladder ejection to be low. Since I’m on 5mg of progesterone a day, I’m wondering if that is why my ejection factor is 24%. That’s something I’m going to bring up with Dr. S on the 26th.

I’ve also noticed that for a few hours after eating, whenever I burp I can taste what I had eaten- so I’m going to bring that up too.


Let me know what you are thinking.

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