Bloating – Revisited

Way back last June ago I posted about bloating.

I expected the bloating to resolve post surgery, but it hasn’t. It’s actually gotten worse. I’ve been trying to seek out help for it but got blown off by Dr.B every time I’d bring it up- because I wasn’t very bloated when I’d show up to my appointments early in the morning (with most of my classes in the afternoon/evening, morning appointments are necessary).

Earlier this week I became incredibly bloated after having lunch with my coworkers. I decided it was time to take advantage of the triage option at my university’s health clinic, so that someone (medical) could see me when I looked 6 month pregnant and document it. Of course, the day I walked in the clinic was PACKED. They managed to squeeze me in, but I could only see a P.A., whose background was in pediatrics/preventative medicine. He concluded that, yes- I was severely bloated, and that I should make an appointment to see one of the internal medicine doctors at the clinic. Then he prescribed me some GasX- which did nothing.

Today was my appointment with the internal medicine doctor- another Dr. B, I’ll call her Dr.B2.
Guys, Dr. B2 is amazing. She’s my new favorite doctor. Not only did she listen to me, she looked through my entire binder of medical records AND praised me for having them all available and being so well prepared. We went through possible causes of bloating, such as taking in too much air while eating or drinking, gas-inducing foods, and gluten and/or lactose intolerance.

We concluded that I don’t take in too much air- I can’t really chew gum as it causes my jaw to dislocate, I don’t use a lot of straws, or talk a lot while eating. I’m going to keep an eye out for triggering foods- but it’s mostly vegetables, which are difficult to avoid. I don’t think its a dairy sensitivity, as I don’t eat much dairy and when I do I haven’t noticed much problems. I’m also going to cut out my carbonated beverages (sad, as I love my vanilla coke). And she’s sending off blood work to test my gluten sensitivity.

If the gluten sensitivity test comes back negative she’s going to refer me back to Dr. S, the gastroenterologist, to get scoped – both ways; especially after having that intussusception show up on my CT scan in 2013, she thinks getting a good picture of what is going on is important. And I totally agree.

All and all it is incredible to have a Dr. actually listen to me and look through all my records, then not only agree but suggest that we do testing rather than wait-and-see. I really needed that.


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