Just in Time

I am in pain. Like someone has beaten my entire body with a nerf bat.
It isn’t the old, familiar pain of my endo and adeno; no, I am actually quite happy to report that my pelvis only very rarely gets any of that deep burning, stabbing, cramping pain. And I wouldn’t rate this pain at anything over a 4. But it’s gotten pretty constant, and every inch of me is both stiff and tense. I don’t think my amitryptaline is working very much anymore. I’m having trouble sleeping, no longer craving carbs (not that I’ll complain on that one), wading through brain-fog, and getting ocular flashes again; plus the pain. I guess its time to call Dr. B. Too bad it couldn’t hold off until closer to Feb. 10 when I was scheduled for my follow up with her.

And all just in time for the next semester to start. Great.


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