My First Surgery- PreOp Call(s)

I’m going to write a series on my first surgery. Hopefully it will be helpful for anyone else preparing to go in for endometriosis excision.

My surgery is scheduled for August 22. It will be taking place at my specialist’s (Dr. Y) hospital, 2.5 hours from my house. Thankfully, most of the pre-op management will be through phone calls, and then I will have a pre-op examination the same day as the surgery.

This week has been full of pre-op calls. Because I have never been to the hospital my surgery is being conducted at, I’ve received two calls to pre-register with the hospital and verify my information. I also received a call informing me that I would be getting a call for pre-op questioning on August 15th, between 8 and 10 am, and I should have a list of all my current medications available.

Sure enough, at 8:40am I received a call from a lovely nurse. After confirming my identity and what surgery I was going in for, we went through all of my medications- both daily and as needed. She told me to stop taking my multivitamin, tums (calcium supplement), and any Aleve or NSAIDS from now until after the surgery. She also said to make sure I take my omperazole the morning before the surgery with a sip of water, and to bring my inhaler with me to surgery.

Then we went through a list of questions about my medical history, including my current pain levels. She also asked if I consented to receiving blood products if I need them, and if I had any religious objections that they would need to know before surgery.

She gave me some instructions for the day before surgery, including don’t eat anything spicy that day, drink lots of water, don’t eat or drink anything after midnight-except that sip of water to take my pills, take a shower before bed with antibacterial soap, bring my insurance and ID to the hospital, don’t wear any jewelry or metal the day of surgery. She said to call and ask my surgeon about bowel prep (after I asked about it), and to call him if I start running a fever anytime before the surgery.

She also gave me a number to call the day before surgery to call and verify the time of the operation, and a number to call if we got delayed on the drive in.

Finally, she asked who was bringing me to the surgery (A is of course), said he’d have to stay at the hospital the whole time I was in surgery, and then told me where we could park and how to get to the women’s center where my surgery would be. She asked where my primary pharmacy was, and then she asked if I had any additional questions for her.

All and all I must say it was a fairly pleasant experience. She was very nice, in contrast to some of the medical professionals I’ve talked to. I usually have a lot of anxiety about talking on the phone, but I am glad I could talk to her on the phone- I was a lot more comfortable and put together than I would have been face-to-face in an office.

Now I just have to work up the nerves to call Dr. Y about the bowel prep…


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