Aromatase Inhibitor Part 2

A short follow up to my aromatase inhibitor post.

I have been able to do a lot more around the house, like actually doing dishes. And this ability has made me feel a lot better, because I don’t feel like I’m being such a burden on A. I get to feel like I am actually being a contributing member of my household, even if I do have to recuperate after helping out.

I may have been giving the aromatase inhibitor credit for this- decreasing my fatigue even though it’s only mildly affected my pain; I realized the however, that the effect of pills have been confounded with the end of the semester and beginning of summer. It’s hard to say which is the contributing factor, or-if they both are-to what degree. I am fairly certain that the semester being over is likely the reason I am able to do more around the house. Almost all of my energy and effort goes into school during the semester- which means the vast majority of my daily spoons go into school; now that it is summer, I’ve been able to use those spoons around the house.

So, in connecting with my previous analogy, while the aromatase inhibitor has given me more warm days in winter, I have to wonder how much of those warm days are also a result of the end of the school year too (or instead).

*If you aren’t familiar with spoons, and spoon theory check out the link under Resources.


Let me know what you are thinking.

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