Cysts and pills

I think my cyst on my right ovary is returning. I have an ultrasound in about two hours to get a look at it, which of course is something I am dreading. I don’t mind abdominal ultrasounds- the pressure isn’t my favorite thing in the world but it isn’t bad; the transvaginal ultrasounds on the other hand are excruciating. Not all of is horrible, but there are certain positions they must place the probe in to visualize everything and some of those positions make me want to cry. I took a hydrocodine to help cope with the current pain and to hopefully mitigate some of the searing pain that comes with the TV.

I don’t know what we’ll do if the cyst has returned. I’m 5 months in on the BeYaz- currently 1/2 way through my last pack of this 3 month rotation (I only did 2 months the first time since I had already been on a month of NorQD). I got the first cyst on the NorQD, but it regressed to the point it no longer felt like appendicitis when I switched over to the BeYaz. I don’t really have many other options to switch to from the BeYaz if there is a cyst again. And I am NOT, NOT, NOT doing the Depo shot.

I hate this. I hate endo.

Let me know what you are thinking.

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