Endometriosis UK information day – October 2013

What a fantastic write up by Michelle B at ENDOhope from the UK information day. While it does have some UK specific references, the majority of it is useful regardless where you live. I thought the link to the study on how endometriosis affects couples was particularly interesting.


I attended my second Endometriosis UK information day a little while ago in Coventry, and despite arriving late, I did my best to write up a detailed account of the day and an overview of the information discussed at all of the seminars and discussion groups.

Endometriosis UK is the leading endometriosis charity in this country (and the host to these information days), and they normally hold one information day a year explaining their work and progress, as well as providing tons of information from consultants, pain specialists, GPs and nurses. I was pleased to see that this year they’re continuing their work to invite nurses and other healthcare professionals to the day to better their understanding of endometriosis and its impact on women.

If you’re interested, I also attended the last the same information day last year, and wrote up an account of that day too. Some…

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