Doctors can be frustrating.

This week I had my first visit with my gynecologist since my cyst was diagnosed; we had scheduled the visit two months ago to assess how the mini-pills were working.

Now, I like my gynecologist, she is very nice and she doesn’t  talk down to me, but I often get the feeling that she doesn’t really listen to me, especially regarding my levels of pain. It could be that this is because I’ve only had two meetings with her so we don’t have a longstanding relationship and, for some reason, whenever I go to see her happens to be a good pain day so I don’t look miserable. But that doesn’t really matter to me, she should be listening to my levels of pain, and assisting me in coming up with helpful ways to reduce the pain.

When I told her the emergency room only gave me four Norco pills for my cyst, she was shocked and quickly prescribed me more; however, when I tell her that my hip hurts during menstruation she just suggests I take some NSAIDs. The narcotics relieve my abdominal pain but don’t even touch my hip pain- now how in the world are NSAIDs suppose to help?! I’ve already told her the NSAIDs aren’t effective for the pain, and since they irritate my already very irritable stomach I don’t want to take them. Somehow at my last appointment when I asked her about pain control for an upcoming trip to Disney and Universal, this morphed into I don’t like NSAIDs, that I am against them. (And I got no other suggestions for pain control).

I understand people who don’t live with the pain, don’t understand the pain- but that doesn’t mean I am exaggerating. And even though I have a high pain tolerance and can put on a tough face to get through the day, that doesn’t mean I don’t need pain management. Why can’t doctors take us seriously, and why can’t they be more helpful in the pain management process? It is extremely frustrating to leave a doctors appointment like that.

It was a productive a productive visit in that we scheduled an ultrasound for the following day, and switched me off the mini-pill because it was just making things worse; since I absolutely refuse (my to my doctor’s annoyance) to have the depo shot and since the migraines continued on the mini-pill, I’m back on Yaz on a continuous basis. We’ll see how it goes…

I didn’t get the courage up to ask about surgery, and since she mentioned “the options are progesterone (mini-pill and depo), lupron, and the pill… you’re too young for the lupron so I don’t want to do that to you, and if you won’t do depo and the mini-pill isn’t working, after the pill I don’t know what else to do” I doubt laparoscopy is on her mind…

I did go home and order a TENS unit, which should be here by Tuesday. Even though it wasn’t prescribed (or discussed) I am really hoping it will help, especially with long days of walking around Disney in thirteen days!


Let me know what you are thinking.

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