This is a start.

Chances are you know a liar; you might even be a liar. People tell lies for numerous reasons, including to get attention,  to avoid consequences, as a means to-an-end, or even to spare someone’s feelings; some people even consider omission of information to be a form of lying.

I lie everyday, and numerous times a day at that.

Socially speaking my lies are inconsequential; they make no difference to those that hear them, and in fact they make our interactions easier.

You see, I have a chronic illness and am in chronic pain. Sometimes it is intermittent and sometimes it is daily for months at a time. Faithfully, everyday society demands: “Hey, how are you?” and everyday I answer in some tune of “fine” or “good” when in truth I feel nothing of the sort. I want to cry, to curl up on my floor and scream in pain. I fight the urge to vomit, force myself to eat morsels of food and guzzle ginger-ale so that I can take my medicine. With every step I take I think I might pass out- either from the world-spinning dizziness, the lightheaded blackouts, or just the overwhelming pain. Sitting isn’t much better. But society doesn’t want to hear that when they ask their simple question. So I lie.

I am the best liar you know.


5 thoughts on “This is a start.

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I got so tired of sounding so gloomy and pathetic all the time, that I too started lying quite often by replying I’m fine, I’m ok, or something along those lines. I too deal with several chronic illnesses that for today I’m about ready to give up trying to fight this never ending battle. Other days I’m positive and all about figuring out a way to live a pleasurable and fulfilling life, even though I’m not so sure it’s possible, but I do continue to fight most days. Try to stay strong and know you are not alone. I am always here if you ever need to vent or just want to talk to someone that can truly understand. I hate it when people say, “I understand.” No they do not, unless they’ve lived this miserable life. So they are lying, too. What do you think about that? Everyone lies would be an accurate statement. I enjoyed this post.

    • Thank you for your comment tlohuis, I’m glad you enjoyed my post; hopefully there will be many more enjoyable posts to come.
      I did intend the title to apply to all of us who struggle on a daily basis, and because of the way society has come to expect responses (or doesn’t really care when asking), we all are liars. It’s for self preservation; it comes with the disease(s) we bare.
      I am glad we can stand together, and support each other in our challenging moments.
      I too, hate it when people insist they know what I am going through, because in truth they do not; even people struggling with the same conditions don’t experience them the same way- we are more understanding and sympathetic to people in a similar state because we too know the difficulties that come with having chronic pain and chronic illness, but we don’t know exactly what the other person is going through. With those people who insist they understand, they aren’t really lying because they think they do understand, they aren’t intentionally not telling the truth even though what they saying is false, because they cannot fathom what chronically ill people handle on a daily basis. I do agree though, everyone lies, it’s a part of society, social niceties, and human nature.

  2. I totally get what you mean. We are the biggest liars there are on this planet. I am dishonest with my husband when I hide my pain from him, I’m totally dishonest with my mom by committing a huge sin of omission regarding how bad my health actually is, and of course, I lie to myself unconsciously on occasion by allowing myself to slip into some kind of unrealistic “The things I’ll do when I get better mode”, unwilling to acknowledge to even myself that right not is as good as it gets, realistically, things will only degenerate from here. So, yeah, from one chronic babe to another….I get ya!

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